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Fixes and Changes Second Season


We want to announce all fixes/changes we have made in comparison with last Season. We are still fixing and modifying some things so this list may have modifications until the opening.

Update: 25/11/2021

- Increased Ember soul crystal absorption chance from 25% to 40%
- Added PvP zones at Anakim, Lilith and Ember.
- Added Fast Augmentation System. Now you are able to put augments anywhere and faster, just click or using lifestones from inventory.
- Added Academy Manager NPCs to allow leaders to search members and people to search academy faster. With automatic rewards when finish academy.
- Added Auction NPCs with bidding system to buy and sell Augmented weapons (only weapons with Active or Passive skills).
- Increased distance from Ghost to enter to Frintezza from 300 range to 500 (now its whole small room).

Update: 20/11/2021

- Fixed remove target when attacker is using bow
- Fixed visual bug with Item Skill Celestial effect if you already had another augment buff
- Fixed effect time for Dance of Medusa
- Fixed Item Skill: Lesser Celestial Shield
- Fixed Item Skill: Battle Roar
- Fixed Skill Betray in olympiad
- Fixed bug of Frintezza being "lost" and not respawning again until next respawn if server restarts while he is alive
- Fixed bug Party Spelled for Summons and Pets
- Little correction for Olympiad fight HP/CP/MP window update
- Fixed collision for Baium Teleport Cubic

- Reworked prepare target for aggression
- Optimized check aggression code
- Reworked minion aggression reaction
- Moved from PTS quest The Zero Hour
- Moved from PTS quest A Powerful Primeval Creature
- Moved from PTS quest Alliance With Ketra Orcs and Alliance With Varka Silenos
- Added AI for Ketra Orcs and Varka Silenos
- Improved faster save data at server sutdown to avoid losses

Update: 16/11/2021

- Fixed Quest "Clean Up the Swamp of Screams" that wasn't working.
- Fixed Quest "Daimon the White-Eyed Part 1". Now is repeteable to allow people to summon Daimon again and not just once per character.
- Fixed bug at Olympiads that was preventing people to get the olympiad buffs (WW/Haste) when enemy using Celestial Shield on them.
- Fixed bug with Pets/Summons: Pets after killing a mob weren't returning automatically to their owner. Now they come back.
- Fixed Core/Orfen/AQ jewel drop chances.
- Fixed mobs count at Martyr's Room 7. Increased from 4 to 8.
- Fixed bug that was allowing people to remove Frintezza's debuffs using Alt + Click
- Fixed bug that was allowing people to make /unstuck to stop running away while they were under "Fear", "Valakas Fear" and "Antharas Terror" effects.
- Fixed bug with /Unstuck. It was being casted slower or faster depending on Atk.Speed. Now its same fixed casting time to everyone.
- Fixed bug at Four Sepulchers that was allowing people to enter inside alone just being in party of minimum 4, regardless of all the other party members not being there.

Raid Bosses:
- Decreased all raid bosses minions spawn time from 5 minutes to 3.
- Decreased instance time of Sailren from 2 hours to 30 minutes.
- Added custom spawn to "Eilhalder Von Hellmann" Raid Boss. Now he spawns like all normal raids and not every in-game night.
- Added killer announcements for Raid Bosses level 62+ (A-Grade/S-Grade) and Epics.
- Added to command .rb/.raid all Raid Bosses level 62+ (A-Grade/S-Grade) except summonable ones (Ashutar/Nastron/Sailren/Daimon/Bumbalump)

- Decreased maximum drop of Divine Inspiration LVL 3 Books from Baium from 15 to 10.
- Decreased Tyrannosaurus soul crystal absorption chance from 20% to 7%.

- Increased consumption of dimensional fragments at Dimensional Rift to double.
- Increased minimum number of characters to join Dimensional Rift from 2 to 4.

- Removed all elixirs (HP/MP/CP) from auto use with .acp. Elixirs will work only manually.
- Removed almost all mobs from PvP Epic Zones at Zaken's boat/Antharas Lair/Imperial Tomb to improve performance and have less mobs "bothering" during epic fights.
- Enabled Cursed Weapons: Zariche and Akamanah (0.01% drop rate).
- Allowed summon on pagans with Summon Friend from Summonners. Before only Gate Chant from Doomcryers was working.
- Modified Skill Enchant Chances. Now enchant skills is harder if you are not level 80. Also even being 80 now is little harder to enchant until +9 but is easier after +9 until +15 (in comparison with before).
- Changed 2 rooms of Imperial Tomb to be whole Assassins of Empire rooms. So this will be the best farming spot for Mid LS 76. Increasing pvp fights for that spot in late game.
- Added protection of 90 seconds of invincibility to "No Carrier". Now when you get critical error your char is protected from all damages for 90 seconds.
- Forbidden use of "Common Craft" at Olympiads to get fast buffs from staffs.
- Removed effect of "Vote Rune" while at Olympiads match.
- Decreased time to teleport to your husband/wife from 120 seconds to 30.
- Added maximum limit of time to offline shops. After 30 days all offline shops will be automatically kicked from game.
- Removed Lottery Ticket Sellers close to all GKs and added "Yasheni" NPCs to allow faster subclass change.

- Stakato Fangs are now tradable/sellable, same as Halisha's Marks.
- Added 2h runes to GMShop.
- Increased cost of divorce from 100kk to 250kk.
- Added option to exchange with 2 clicks Lunargents and Hellfire Oil from GMShop. Not need to mix in the urn at Ivory anymore, just farm all materials.
- Added tax rate of 2% for selling and buying using private stores.