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Changes Third Season


We want to announce all changes we have made in comparison with last Season.

Update: 01/03/2022

- Magic Critical reworked a little. Now its little raised (previous seasons you needed EVERYTHING to have decent magic critical rate: (POW, WM2, Siren, +5 WIT, Valakas, WM Active, WM Passive). Now you can reach a "decent" magic critical rate without one of them. Anyway you will need EVERYTHING to reach maximum cap of 50%.

- Decreased "Relics of the Old Empire" and "Gather the Flames" quests from x3 to x1. Previous season there was a LOT of S-Grade weapon recipes. So its enough x1.

- Added B-Grade (only low) to GMShop in exchange of Crystals B and C. Core and Orfen jewels provide stats now so everyone will want to fight in B-Grade. We provide low B-Grade from shop. If you want TOP B-Grade you will have to craft it.

- Added 1 additional Old Pirate before Zaken's bridge. And added 2 more teleports to them. Now there is a total of 3 teleports to different Zaken's Ship parts (Front, Middle, and Back). To avoid spawn kill and block on bridge.

- Also added 1 Teleporter NPC in the path to Zaken at Devil's Isle. That will teleport you further in the path. To allow people to come back little faster to Zaken's Ship if they die.

Update: 26/02/2022

- Queen Ant 100% drop rate (2 AQ weekly) and max level raised from 43 to 46.
- Orfen 100% drop rate (Added +1 WIT +1 INT to jewel).
- Core 100% drop rate (Added +1 STR +1 DEX to jewel).
- Sieges and Epic times will be little earlier.

- 20:00 Core
- 21:00 Zaken

- 20:00 Orfen
- 21:00 Queen Ant

- 20:00 Core
- 21:00 Frintezza

- 20:00 Orfen
- 21:00 Zaken

- 20:00 Core
- 21:00 Queen Ant

- 18:00 Sieges
- 20:00 Orfen
- 21:00 Frintezza
- 23:00 Antharas or Valakas

- 18:00 Sieges
- 21:00 Baium
- 22:00 - 00:00 Last 2 olympiad hours

- Removed Coins of Luck from team Events.
- Added 20kk Adena to 3rd class change.
- Added skill "Escape: 30 seconds" to all players (no need to write /unstuck or make macro again).
- Buying Noblesse increased from 250 Coins of Luck to 300 (Need first subclass lvl 76 like always).
- Added option to Premium account 1 day. Also little modified prices.
- Mammons will be disabled first week.
- Removed class based matches on olympiad.
- Removed NPC "Black Weapons Dealer". Augmented weapons won't be traded/sold anymore.
- Removed Limits on Epic Zones and Sieges. We expect that server and sides will be balanced by itself. After 2 previous seasons with many complainings about this, we want to try this time without limits.
- Max clan members: 120.
- Max clans in alliance: 3.
- No clan/alliance penalties.
- Decreased minimum party members to enter Rift from 4 to 2 but increased cost of Dimensional Fragments.
- Decreased Manor from x2 to x1.