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3rd Season Grand Opening


All ready to 3rd Season Grand Opening tomorrow at 20:00 (GMT +2).

- All raid bosses except epics will be alive from server opening.

- First Spawn of Epic Bosses:
- Core: March 9th
- Orfen: March 10th
- Zaken: March 14th
- Queen Ant: March 15th
- Frintezza: March 16th
- Antharas: March 19th
- Baium: March 20th
- Valakas: March 26th

- Blacksmith and Merchant of Mammon will spawn on March 11th.

- First Sieges: March 12th.

- Olympiads will start on March 21th. First heroes will be on March 28th.

All this info its already updated on website and everyone can check full server features.

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See you inside!